Salaries and Jobs for Software Engineers

Average Salaries and Jobs

The average salary for software engineers, according to google, is about $92,000 annual income, which is funny since the average salary for google workers is $127k annually, which is a pretty nice six figure income.

For other big companies, the salaries are about the same. Google ranges from $86k to $226k annually, with the average being $127,232. Intel ranges from $69k to $176k, which is significantly lower, with an average pay of 105,568 to their software engineers. Cisco is paying $67k to $165k with an average of $118,164. Yahoo is paying $74k to $209k with an average of $117,949. Facebook is paying $89k to $200k with an average of $125,156. And finally, Apple is paying $77k to $200k with an average of $121,995 to their software engineers.

These definitely are NOT all of the jobs in the industry, but are the jobs who are paying alot and still need software engineers. And with the current prediction, there are supposed to be an increase of 28-32% for software developers and engineers. And boy, will that be alot of pay!